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With plenty of other problems facing African countries, population explosion happens to be one of the problems that give rise to the other problems Africa faces.

Despite all the steps taken to efface poverty in Africa, increase in food production and improvement in public health have not done much in making the lives of Africans better. This is because population explosion thrives on the increase of food production and better medical facilities.

Problems caused by population explosion

Higher demand in natural resources
Population explosion leads to a higher demand in natural resources. As such, necessities like water and food eventually become scarce because everyone will be scrambling for them. This leads to more suffering among the people since there is little to keep everyone alive.

Decrease in the number of job opportunities
Besides the higher demand in resources, the chances of getting jobs also grow thinner. In such a situation, it becomes a burden for the family breadwinner to earn enough money to feed the whole of his/her family.

In extreme situations, some of the family members end up skewing their morals by engaging themselves in evils such as prostitution and burglary so that they can make ends meet.

Growth of slums in urban centers
Population explosion also leads to the growth of slums in urban areas. Since the working class is overburdened with the task of taking care of both the young and the old, the people in the working class are forced to seek high-paying job opportunities in the urban areas.

This additionally increases the rate of criminal activities in urban centers because most of these people from the rural areas don’t have the required expertise to get high-paying jobs. They thus resort to burglary which tends to pull the country behind.

It is a fact that most African countries can slowly rise up with the kind of foreign aid that they receive. However, this is never simple because of population explosion as well as greed among some of the leaders.

On the bright side, population explosion can be eradicated in Africa by simply emphasizing on family planning and educating the people about the disadvantages of early marriages.

Family planning involves the use of condoms and contraceptives to help a couple avoid unwanted pregnancies. Though most of these methods of avoiding unwanted pregnancies are viewed with skepticism in some African communities, proper education on the importance of the methods will greatly reduce population explosion.